As a writer who publishes poetry, short stories, novellas and novels, readers sometimes say, “Your books are all so different!” As a multi-genre author, I think it’s helpful for new readers to know this: what is the common thread in all of my writing?

The answer is simple: my writing confronts the nature of self.

My fiction starts with main characters who think they know themselves, go through a crisis of identity and by the end of the story, create a new sense of self. It doesn’t matter if the genre of the book is different: urban fantasy, as in my debut novel Gods of Avalon Road, or literary fiction like my second novel The Buddha’s Bone – the theme is the same. You can read a more in depth look at this topic on my blog post here discussing different genres, common theme.

Similarly, my poetry explores issues of identity and the darker aspects of the psyche. My poetry collections The Redundancy of Tautology, Chemotherapy for the Soul and A Model Archaeologist all confront the nature of self.

It’s the common theme in all my short stories, poetry and novellas too. You can read my back catalogue of magazine and anthology publications as follows:



Short story – The Fairy Lights: a spooky yuletide story (Dec 2021)

Short story – The Blue Man (Scarlet Leaf Review, April 2021 issue)



Short story – Coco and The Black Box (Oct 2018)

Short story – Death to an Idol (Oct 2018)

Short story – The Lady and the Tiger (Oct 2018)

Flash fiction – The Existence of things inside wall spaces (Amethyst Review, March 2018).



Short story – The London Plane (Oct 2017)

Novelette – Til Death do us Boneapart (Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, July 2017)

Flash Fiction – Fear of the Mould (Inane Pure Slush Volume 14, May 2017)

4 poems – Devolution, Tribulations, Live Wire Earth Wire, It’s a Metaphor for Something Else (Four x Four Magazine Issue 19, March 2017)



Short story – Leah as the Artist’s Muse – (Scarlet Leaf  Review: Winter Issue 15, Dec 2016)

Short story – The White Kaleidoscope (Nov 2016)

1 poem – Dandelion Fluff (The Fat Damsel Magazine: Issue 9, July 2016)

1 poem – Multifidus (Mad Swirl online, April 2016)

3 poems – Child of Krakatoa, Tick the Right Box, The Redundancy of Tautology (Dead Snakes, February 2016)



Poetry – Message in a Bottle, June 2015

5 poems – Macrofossil, Anatomically Modern, Waning Lyrical, Causality of a Hopeless Dreamer, A Big Fat Waste of Time (The Open End Magazine, February 2015)

2 poems – The Vacuum of Innerspace, Abstraction (Ashvamegh Issue 1, February 2015)

2 Poems – The Danger of Evolution, Do not tamper with the seal (Morphrog Issue 10 online, January 2015)



1 Poem – Reeds (Jellyfish Whispers online, December 2014)

1 Poem – Survival Skills (The Commonline Journal online, December 2014)

Short story – Glen Abbot and the Green Man (Weirdyear Magazine online, Sept 2014)

Poetry – Black Mirror Magazine – online issue, Aug 2014)

1 Poem – New-sense (The Open Mouse online, June 2014)

Flash fiction – The Art of Something out of Nothing (Pure Slush, May 2014)

Poetry and Flash fiction – Storm Cycle Anthology – online and print, May 2014.

3 poems – Free of free radicals, Exasperated but not fooled, Crevasse – (Dead Snakes, February 2014).



3 poems – Landmass, Snowball Effect, Clam Diggers– Jellyfish Whispers online issue, December 2013)

6 poems A faraday cage will keep you safe, Thou dost protest too much, Life is a-changing, Long haul, Show not tell, Ripe fruit– (Mudjob online issue, July 2013).

3 poems – The venom of Medusa, Pointless, Fold-up box (The Blue Hour – online issue, June 2013).

Flash fiction – The Fossil Wars – (Linguistic Erosion online issue, May 2013).

2 poems – Amnesia, English Litter-ature (Boyslut online issue, May 2013).

Flash fiction – Twenty Questions – (Pound of Flash online issue, May 2013).

Flash fiction: May 2013: Mad Swirl  – online issue

Flash fiction: April 2013: The Neglected Ratio – online issue

Poetry: April 2013: Nostrovia Poetry – online issue

Poetry: March 2013: The Sound of Poetry Review – online issue

Poetry: March 2013: Tips for Writers – Issue 94

Short story: January 2013: Ariadne’s Thread – Issue 4



Poetry: September 2012: Graffiti – Issue 12

Short story: September 2012: Sarasvati – Issue 23

Poetry: May 2012: The Robin Hood Book – Anthology

Short story: January 2012: The Crazy Oik – Issue 12



Poetry: December 2011: Decanto – Issue 56

Flash fiction: November 2011: Stanley the Whale – online issue

Poetry: October 2011: Decanto – Issue 55

Flash fiction: July 2011: The Pygmy Giant – online issue

Poetry: July 2011: Inclement – Summer Issue

Poetry: July 2011: Sarasvati – Issue 17

Poetry: May 2011: Weyfarers – Issue 110

Flash fiction: May 2011: Wufniks – online issue

Poetry: March 2011: The Journal – Issue 32

Poetry: January 2011: Erbacce – Issue 23 (published under a different surname)

Poetry: January 2011: Neon Highway – Issue 19 (published under a different surname)



Short story: August 2010: Monomyth – Issue 10.1

Short story:July 2010: Carillon – Issue 27



Short story: October 2009: Blood Moon Rising – online issue

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  1. David Andrew says:

    Came across your blog while trying to track down site for Mistress Quickly (which still not found…) I’m adding blogs to our new poetry directory: If you would like to be included could you send some words of introduction.

  2. David,

    Thanks for your interest in my blog. I’ve emailed a short description for you, as suggested.


  3. Steve Manolis says:

    Leilanie, I commented on the you tube site. Loved your poetry, You have a fantastic accent and I learned about Hadrian’s Wall… Very beautiful and congrats on your book and bringing the written word to a spoken level. Nicely done. Great poems, Peat Bog is a fun poem…interesting. Thank You for sharing, now I will listen to more of your readings.


  4. Tom Blubaugh says:

    Hi Leilanie,

    I looked through your links and watched a couple of your YouTube videos. I find your writing interesting and I can see that you enjoy reading them to the public. Your sense of humor shines out.


  5. […] Leilanie Stewart’s Publications […]

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