As of November 2020 I have been writing a supernatural horror/ psychological suspense novel.

The background to this is that I wrote a short story, The Blue Man, for a competition which Blossom Spring Publishing ran for their authors during lockdown last year. They are the publisher of my debut novel, Gods of Avalon Road, my urban fantasy/paranormal romance book.

Even though my short story didn’t win the competition, good things clearly came of it: not only is the short story published in Scarlet Leaf Review, but as of November last year I have been expanding it into a novel-length story. So, if you want a taster of what the full length book will entail, you can read the short story version for FREE! Hope you enjoy it!

More updates on progress of my novel:

Nov 17 2021 – One year of working on draft 1

July 30 2021 – Summer writing update

June 19 2021 – Literary summer plans

June 2 2021 – Writing horror, a new skill to tackle

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  1. Maxima says:

    Beautiful blog! Thank you for share it for us with love maxima

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve had a look at yours too, great work 🙂

  3. Hadaa says:

    Wow, Leilanie, you’re wonderful!

    I enjoy your poetry reading on YouTube. and like this lovely writing blog!!!

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