Aside from being a writer I’ve been open about my battle with sugar addiction and the resulting 3 stone/42lbs/18kg weight gain that I lost through doing a strict keto diet in 2020. In an indirect way, it relates to my writing as when I go into sugar withdrawal, this affects my ability to concentrate and causes metabolic fatigue, during which I’m unable to write.

Since 2020, my weight has yo-yoed, mainly through my ongoing personal struggle to control my sugar addiction. The keto diet is amazing and completely eliminates my cravings, but I haven’t been able to stay on it long term as I find it quite restrictive. After the initial 42lbs weight loss in 2020, I have regained 11lbs, lost 14lbs then regained 18lbs. It isn’t good for my health to have such weight fluctuations; the blog posts below document my battle for control of my sugar addiction and ways I have found to manage my health.

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