Zombie Reflux is my satirical novella from Meandi Books (2014).

(2 October 2021) This book is now archived as I will be including the novella in a prose collection that will be coming out in the not-too-distant-future. Watch this space!

Read sample Chapter 1

Read sample Chapter 2

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  1. Donna Thompson says:

    I watched your video–you do well on narrating your story. You are a creative writer but you could be more creative in the ending of your story–less words more creative image–show don’t tell. “Brevity is the soul of wit” Refrain from being long-winded! You’re good but I see I could edit. Create vision for your Reader–for it is your Reader you must impress to keep them wanting to read future reads. Instead of using the word dead be more creative–he ceased living– death consumed him.

    When I first started my writing career–I enrolled and completed a children’s literature course and I was taught to show don’t tell. Create vision while narrating. Please regard my advice as a new Author for instruction purpose. Even the best of us need to take advice from other writers.

    Have a good one!

  2. Chris Butler says:

    I did enjoy reading your work but I’m a classic Zombie fan…my first favorite movie when I was a kid was the original black and white 1968 version of “Night of the Living Dead”. Then came the 1973 Raimi production of “Dawn of the Dead”. You have so many great lines to draw the reader into the world you created. But now in this century it has been done and re-done before. You perfectly capture the hysteria but why not push it farther? Forget the worlds’ envision of the zombie apocalypse, but make it your own.

    • Hi Chris,

      The link is just chapter 2 of a whole novella and it’s not about a zombie apocalypse – the ‘zombies’ are the British working class and the story is a satirical slam on contemporary UK society…more relevant than ever with Brexit.

      But, thank you for reading it.

      Leilanie 🌺

  3. Alan Summers says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love The Walking Dead (TV) and have read one adapted book, and love Zombie Nation. Loved a zombie romance, deep allegorical layers too, and Shaun of the Dead has got to be a classic now. 🙂

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