Reading from my second poetry collection Chemotherapy for the Soul and my hubby Joseph Robert’s poetry collection Brexit Brokeshit on World Poetry Day Sunday 21st March 2021.
Reading an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Gods of Avalon Road on World Book Day Thursday 4th March 2021
Reading ‘Clay Tablet’ from my debut poetry collection, A Model Archaeologist and an excerpt from my debut novel, Gods of Avalon Road for World Read Aloud Day Wednesday 3rd February 2021
Reading from my debut poetry pamphlet, A Model Archaeologist, at the Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Festival in June 2015, London.
Eyewear Publishing 20/20 Book launch at The Rugby Tavern, Holborn in June 2015, London.
Poets at 3 event at The Poetry Cafe, London, April 2016.
Good versus Evil poetry evening at The Poetry Cafe, April 2016, London.

15 responses »

  1. R Krishna says:

    Enjoyed hearing you say your poem
    R K

  2. Scott Hastie says:

    Hi Leilanie

    I really enjoyed your poem – quite powerful and heartfelt, it touched me for sure. Great to also see you performing it too, you have a beautiful tone of voice, which suits your voice very well…

  3. Carolyn B says:

    Wow – I think the poetry on YouTube is really innovative, and so different – (I’m running out of ways to say wow!)

  4. Thanks for listening to me reading! 🙂

  5. Thanks for checking out my work!

  6. Mandla Thabo says:

    You’re videos are cool Leilanie.

    I like the accent and performances.

    Right on.


  7. Raed Tucky says:

    Interesting video, Leilanie! Can I find it on Amazon?

    I wish you all the best!

  8. Troy Boucher says:

    Enjoyed the readings and the poetry. Happy that you are gaining an audience. I wish I could have popped across the pond to hear you and see you in person. I will listen to your readings and provide some thoughts if you’d like. Best to you–always.


    • Mark Kamara says:

      I couldn’t agree more I performed alongside Leilanie Stewart twice in 2015 and I never looked back in my own ambitions Mark Kamara 2015 Art festival and Carpenter’s arms

  9. Deron says:

    Hey Leilanie,

    I enjoyed watching your reading, very nice stuff. Thank you for sharing! I am also watching your other performances on YouTube.

    Yours truly,

  10. Mark Kamara says:

    Such an amazing collection a real honest an architecture enthusiast could tune into for inspiration and independent clarity
    And for a fellow performance poet/artist like it’s a really great intuitive rue for flexible thinking and recitals. Thanks Leilanie Stewart by Mark Kamara (2015 fame)

  11. Such a nice presentation style Leilanie Beautiful smile and lilting voice. ‘Glamour girl of Archeology ‘ indeed!

  12. Stephen says:

    Leilanie, just viewed your video’s and also your blog too, wasn’t aware you had visited Richmond!

    Have a great rest of the week!


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