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How to write a good novel

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Writing and working full time

Paying to be published: a personal view

Traditional, hybrid and self-publishing…my experience

Author promotion and social media

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  1. Cory Y. S. says:

    Thanks Leilanie, had a quick look, interesting – will read properly in due course. And good luck with it all. I note your comment about reviews!
    Cheers Cory

  2. Judith San Nicolas says:

    Hi Leilanie,

    I visited your literary blog, and as I can see you are passionate about poetry.
    What I mean is that you are a very active in your blog and publishing your poems.
    Let me introduce myself.
    I’m a designer specialized in Book Cover Design.
    I have learned with the experience that some good writers can’t show all their value due to their covers aren’t the most appropriate.
    Only good covers can attract readers to discover a literary work.
    A writer has invested a lot of time and emotional effort, but if the cover is not good enough, their effort has been for nothing.
    I offer good rates and high quality designs.
    Writer and Designer are the best combination for success.


    Judith San Nicolás
    JudithS Design & Creativity

  3. George Streator says:

    Leilane, very interesting. Thanks and have a wonderful week.George

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