I am a writer and poet from Belfast, Northern Ireland. My debut novel, Gods of Avalon Road was published in 2019 by Yorkshire-based Blossom Spring Publishing. I’ve also had two poetry collections published: A Model Archaeologist by Eyewear Publishing in London in 2015 and Chemotherapy for the Soul with Canadian publisher Fowlpox Press in 2017. In addition, I’ve self-published two poetry collections and a novella, Zombie Reflux.

Archaeology is a big influence in my writing: my degree was in Archaeology and Palaeoecology and after graduating I worked as a Field Archaeologist for my first professional job. Gods of Avalon Road, A Model Archaeologist and Zombie Reflux all have archaeological themes.

Another main inspiration for my writing comes from my experience travelling in Japan while I worked as an English language teacher at a private school in Tottori. My second novel, which as of 2021 is currently under consideration by a US publisher, is set in Japan.

Aside from my own writing, I’m one half of a literary couple with my writer-poet hubby, Joseph Robert: we also co-edit Bindweed Magazine together – just in case there are any writers out there who want to submit their poetry or short fiction to us! We also have a lively literary tot keeping us busy; a voracious reader of dinosaur board books.

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My online shop Meandi Books

My debut novel Gods of Avalon Road

My debut poetry collection A Model Archaeologist

My novella Zombie Reflux

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Archaeology Days - excavating in Northern Ireland
Archaeology Days – excavating in Northern Ireland

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  1. I just started reading some of your poetry. And they are beautiful. Keep on inspiring. πŸ™‚

  2. roomservicer says:

    Hi Leilanie
    I enjoy reading your work.

  3. thartac says:

    Lovely to meet You .You re Yes with the Verb.

  4. Hi! Leilanie.

    I impressed for you story, and what you learned while in Japan.

  5. Thanks for being a friend of mine !, happy to meet you as an archaeologist and a poet of yet unequaled grace, really quite inspiring too , and we may interact by realm of poetics, happy to go through your stunning blog site..
    wish you all the best
    with kindest regards
    Dr.subhendu kar.

  6. Dear Leilanie, if you at all like i may give you my different poetry sites ….

  7. Thanks for inspiring message ! yet good to connect with you too!

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