Diabolical Dreamscapes: Strange and macabre short stories

Reader beware! From the hallucinatory imagination of Leilanie Stewart, author of award-winning ghost horror novel, The Blue Man, comes twenty-one previously published short stories and flash fiction, now entombed between the covers of a new darkly themed collection.

In Part 1: Dark and Surreal Tales of Death: Corpses find new purposes in death while fated to walk the earth and surreal journeys of the afterlife abound, involving trips to far-reaching corners of the earth, the moon, or Venus during the last throes of life.  

In Part 2: Strange and Hallucinatory Stories of the Mind: Cats, rabbits, dogs, birds and spiders have a role to play in these dreamlike journeys through the mind, helping the characters of each tale unravel their fears and anxiety, while facing their darkness, depression and demons.


Ebook available for £1.77/$2.92:


Paperback available for £7.99/$9.86:


Hardcover available for £14.99/$17.99:


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A Model Archaeologist: 80 playfully inventive poems

Archaeologist by day, glamour model by night.

These 80 poems playfully explore the uncertainties of an archaeology graduate entering the workforce in an uncertain economic climate. A Model Archaeologist comprises a series of lyrical anecdotes using poetic license to turn lemons into lemonade. The collection can at times be deceptively simple, show subtle humour and have a self-deprecating edge of satire, reflecting the naiveté of youth.


Ebook available for £1.77/$2.99:


Hardcover available for £9.99:


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The Redundancy of Tautology: 80 acerbic poems

My third poetry collection from Cyberwit Publishing (2021), The Redundancy of Tautology, comprises 80 acerbic poems exploring the existential horror of eternal recurrence through everyday objects, situations and places.

Or if you like, the endless occurrence of day-to-day things, happenings and locations.


Ebook available for £1.77/$2.99:


Paperback available for £10.84/ $15.00:


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My second poetry collection, Chemotherapy for the Soul, from Fowlpox Press includes 27 poems fully illustrated in colour by Paris Pâté. This collection shines the spotlight on mental health and depression with a focus on family dysfunction and relationship breakdown.

Chemotherapy for the Soul – ISBN: 9781927593547


A Model Archaeologist: 25 poem pamphlet from Eyewear Publishing (2015)

My debut poetry pamphlet, A Model Archaeologist, (Eyewear Publishing, 2015) is a collection of 25 poems exploring the juxtaposition of working two opposite jobs: by day, a professional Field Archaeologist and by night a photographic and promotions model. The poems explore the stereotypes of both professions.


Paperback available for £5.00:



A collaboration of 33 poems by poet couple Joseph Robert and Leilanie Stewart from the deepest recesses of the imagination.

Jenna Clake writes: The pamphlet is quirky, experimental and full of personality, and the reader is prepared for this by the chapbook’s reversible format: on one side sits Stewart’s Metamorphosis of Woman; on the other is Robert’s Realms of Man.




An eclectic mix of 39 poems by Leilanie Stewart for those of you who spend at least 60% of the day in your heads.

Jenna Clake writes: The major successes of this chapbook are the poems in which Stewart marries form and content. The narrative poems in the pamphlet are the most effective, such as ‘Causality of a Hopeless Dreamer’. Stewart’s exploration of the mind through poetry creates an eclectic and ultimately interesting pamphlet.


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