The links to my back catalogue of magazine and anthology publications are as follows:



Short story – The Blue Man (Scarlet Leaf Review, April 2021 issue)



Flash fiction – The Existence of things inside wall spaces (Amethyst Review, March 2018).



Novelette – Til Death do us Boneapart (Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, July 2017)

Flash Fiction – Fear of the Mould (Inane Pure Slush Volume 14, May 2017)

4 poems – Devolution, Tribulations, Live Wire Earth Wire, It’s a Metaphor for Something Else (Four x Four Magazine Issue 19, March 2017)



Short story – Leah as the Artist’s Muse – (Scarlet Leaf  Review: Winter Issue 15, Dec 2016)

1 poem – Dandelion Fluff (The Fat Damsel Magazine: Issue 9, July 2016)

1 poem – Multifidus (Mad Swirl online, April 2016)

3 poems – Child of Krakatoa, Tick the Right Box, The Redundancy of Tautology (Dead Snakes, February 2016)



Poetry – Message in a Bottle, June 2015

5 poems – Macrofossil, Anatomically Modern, Waning Lyrical, Causality of a Hopeless Dreamer, A Big Fat Waste of Time (The Open End Magazine, February 2015)

2 poems – The Vacuum of Innerspace, Abstraction (Ashvamegh Issue 1, February 2015)

2 Poems – The Danger of Evolution, Do not tamper with the seal (Morphrog Issue 10 online, January 2015)



1 Poem – Reeds (Jellyfish Whispers online, December 2014)

1 Poem – Survival Skills (The Commonline Journal online, December 2014)

Short story – Glen Abbot and the Green Man (Weirdyear Magazine online, Sept 2014)

Poetry – Black Mirror Magazine – online issue, Aug 2014)

1 Poem – New-sense (The Open Mouse online, June 2014)

Flash fiction – The Art of Something out of Nothing (Pure Slush, May 2014)

Poetry and Flash fiction – Storm Cycle Anthology – online and print, May 2014.

3 poems – Free of free radicals, Exasperated but not fooled, Crevasse – (Dead Snakes, February 2014).



3 poems – Landmass, Snowball Effect, Clam Diggers– Jellyfish Whispers online issue, December 2013)

6 poems A faraday cage will keep you safe, Thou dost protest too much, Life is a-changing, Long haul, Show not tell, Ripe fruit– (Mudjob online issue, July 2013).

3 poems – The venom of Medusa, Pointless, Fold-up box (The Blue Hour – online issue, June 2013).

Flash fiction – The Fossil Wars – (Linguistic Erosion online issue, May 2013).

2 poems – Amnesia, English Litter-ature (Boyslut online issue, May 2013).

Flash fiction – Twenty Questions – (Pound of Flash online issue, May 2013).

Flash fiction: May 2013: Mad Swirl  – online issue

Flash fiction: April 2013: The Neglected Ratio – online issue

Poetry: April 2013: Nostrovia Poetry – online issue

Poetry: March 2013: The Sound of Poetry Review – online issue

Poetry: March 2013: Tips for Writers – Issue 94

Short story: January 2013: Ariadne’s Thread – Issue 4



Poetry: September 2012: Graffiti – Issue 12

Short story: September 2012: Sarasvati – Issue 23

Poetry: May 2012: The Robin Hood Book – Anthology

Short story: January 2012: The Crazy Oik – Issue 12



Poetry: December 2011: Decanto – Issue 56

Flash fiction: November 2011: Stanley the Whale – online issue

Poetry: October 2011: Decanto – Issue 55

Flash fiction: July 2011: The Pygmy Giant – online issue

Poetry: July 2011: Inclement – Summer Issue

Poetry: July 2011: Sarasvati – Issue 17

Poetry: May 2011: Weyfarers – Issue 110

Flash fiction: May 2011: Wufniks – online issue

Poetry: March 2011: The Journal – Issue 32

Poetry: January 2011: Erbacce – Issue 23

Poetry: January 2011: Neon Highway – Issue 19



Short story: August 2010: Monomyth – Issue 10.1

Short story:July 2010: Carillon – Issue 27



Short story: October 2009: Blood Moon Rising – online issue

10 responses »

  1. David Andrew says:

    Came across your blog while trying to track down site for Mistress Quickly (which still not found…) I’m adding blogs to our new poetry directory: If you would like to be included could you send some words of introduction.

  2. David,

    Thanks for your interest in my blog. I’ve emailed a short description for you, as suggested.


  3. Steve Manolis says:

    Leilanie, I commented on the you tube site. Loved your poetry, You have a fantastic accent and I learned about Hadrian’s Wall… Very beautiful and congrats on your book and bringing the written word to a spoken level. Nicely done. Great poems, Peat Bog is a fun poem…interesting. Thank You for sharing, now I will listen to more of your readings.


  4. Tom Blubaugh says:

    Hi Leilanie,

    I looked through your links and watched a couple of your YouTube videos. I find your writing interesting and I can see that you enjoy reading them to the public. Your sense of humor shines out.


  5. […] Leilanie Stewart’s Publications […]

  6. […] Author’s website and youtube vid of reading her poetry. […]

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