I’ve written this advice page in response to a few DMs over the past year by aspiring authors not sure where to begin on their publishing journey. I’m no expert, as I’m a firm believer that writing, publishing and marketing are ongoing learning experiences, especially as technology constantly changes; however, I have been traditionally published, hybrid published and self-published and I have had four novels and five poetry collections published, as well as numerous poems and short stories appearing in magazines and anthologies worldwide during the past thirteen years. In addition, for the past six years I have been publishing writers and poets from all over the world as Editor-in-Chief of Bindweed Magazine, a literary journal that is listed on Duotrope. If my experience can be of any benefit to an aspiring author, then I’m happy to help; with that in mind, please see all the following blog posts I have written about writing, editing, publishing and marketing, as follows:

A to Z by blog post title


Are book reviews for readers or authors?

Are ebooks the way forward for poetry?

Author misconceptions: books in retail stores versus available to order online

Author promotion and social media


Calculating customers from Kindle Unlimited page reads

Can anyone write a novel?

Can self-publishing lead to a publishing deal?

Countdown to publication checklist


Ebooks and the future of publishing

Entering novel competitions


Getting book reviews: using Booksprout, Bookroar and others

Getting ideas and doing research for novels

Getting motivated to write when you aren’t feeling it


How can you support an author without spending money?

How long should a novel be?

How many copies do self-published books sell?

How many people who write a novel finish it and how many get published?

How to be a good novel writer

How to fit in literary time with normal life?

How to price your books to attract readers


Is giving away free eBooks beneficial for authors?

Is talent or skills more important for novel writing?


Learning how to write creatively


Motivation to write when it’s not about the money


Outlining and planning a novel


Paying to be published: a personal view

Professional writer versus non-professional writer: how to know which one you are?


The importance of writing short stories

The ups and downs of being a writer

Traditional, hybrid and self-publishing…my experience

Trigger warnings and sensitivity readers for controversial fiction


What is success as a writer?

What services to pay for as an Indie author

Which do I recommend? Traditional, hybrid or self-publishing?

Which is best: strong protagonists or flawed characters in fiction?

Why going Indie has been the best decision for my writing career?

Writing and working full time

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  1. Cory Y. S. says:

    Thanks Leilanie, had a quick look, interesting – will read properly in due course. And good luck with it all. I note your comment about reviews!
    Cheers Cory

  2. Judith San Nicolas says:

    Hi Leilanie,

    I visited your literary blog, and as I can see you are passionate about poetry.
    What I mean is that you are a very active in your blog and publishing your poems.
    Let me introduce myself.
    I’m a designer specialized in Book Cover Design.
    I have learned with the experience that some good writers can’t show all their value due to their covers aren’t the most appropriate.
    Only good covers can attract readers to discover a literary work.
    A writer has invested a lot of time and emotional effort, but if the cover is not good enough, their effort has been for nothing.
    I offer good rates and high quality designs.
    Writer and Designer are the best combination for success.


    Judith San Nicolás
    JudithS Design & Creativity

  3. George Streator says:

    Leilane, very interesting. Thanks and have a wonderful week.George

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