In my teens, I was a big fan of horror and fantasy. I only ever read Christopher Pike, R L Stine, Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I wrote short horror stories too – I remember on one occasion, my English teacher got really angry at me, because I submitted a piece of coursework and she thought I’d plagiarized it because she said it was too good for a twelve year old to have written! I was peeved off myself, of course, at the accusation, but flattered too. The story was about a boy in a house that was haunted by the ghost of another boy who was wheelchair bound – he would hear the wheels squeaking on the floor above, and later found out that the mother of the child had drowned him in the bath because he was disabled. I suppose, in hindsight, the story is a bit derivative, but I genuinely had come up with it all by myself!

Nowadays, I mostly read literary novels, though I still indulge myself with my old fantasy favourites – Lord of the Rings, and of course, being a former Archaeologist, I love the Greek and Celtic myths. This is a book I picked up in Crete five years ago.

reading Jason and the argonauts

About Leilanie Stewart

Leilanie Stewart is an author and poet from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her writing centres around protagonists who are on a journey of self-discovery and who explore their identity by overcoming adversity. She began writing for publication while working as an English teacher in Japan, a career pathway that has influenced themes in her writing. Her former career as an Archaeologist has also inspired her writing and she has incorporated elements of archaeology and mythology into both her fiction and poetry. In addition to promoting her own work, Leilanie runs Bindweed Magazine, a creative writing ezine, with her writer husband, Joseph Robert. Aside from literary pursuits, Leilanie enjoys spending time with her husband and their lively literary tot, a voracious reader of construction vehicle books. CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA:

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