Joseph Robert’s latest poem, ‘Chapter Skip, Track Forward, Pause, Rewind, Freeze Frame’ is out in the Insert Coin Here anthology, published by Kind of a Hurricane Press. As an eighties child, I recall (through the mists of time and bad hair cuts, bomber jackets and ra ra skirts) playing computer games until the wee small hours in the attic on an Atari 2000, which was considered the height of technology back in the Stone Age of computers. Nowadays kids would scoff at the idea of a huge box for a computer. Maybe it’s a sign of my impending old age, but when they talk about playing their PS3 all night (it’s probably out of date as I write this, I’ll bet it’s now a PS4), I haven’t a clue about all these modern games. Bring back the old days… who remembers the Star Wars game, or Indiana Jones? I loved blasting aliens and flying around in a spaceship, shut away by myself. I could’ve easily believed I was on another planet…

Back to poetry, before I get lost in zero gravity! Insert Coin here is a good mix of poetry and stories. Joseph Robert’s poems deal with the frustration of rapidly changing technology, which I would agree with and tend to deal with by casual indifference! If I can push buttons and nothing blows up/ breaks down them it’s a win. Apart from Joseph’s poetry, my favourites in this collection are, ‘Poem to the Asshole Blasting Angry Birds on His iPad’ by John Grochalski, ‘Not a Game’ by Linda M Crate, ‘Broken Controller’ by Benjamin Eaton and ‘The End of Folk Songs’ by Darren C Damaree.

About Leilanie Stewart

Leilanie Stewart is a novelist and poet. Her debut novel, Gods of Avalon Road was published by Blossom Spring Publishing in October 2019 and her second novel, The Buddha's Bone is forthcoming in October 2021. Leilanie has also published three poetry collections: The Redundancy of Tautology (Cyberwit, 2021); Chemotherapy for the Soul (Fowlpox Press, 2017); A Model Archaeologist (Eyewear Publishing, 2015) and two self-published pamphlets: Toebirds and Woodlice (Meandi Books, 2012); Metamorphosis of Woman (Meandi Books, 2012), satirical novella Zombie Reflux (Meandi Books, 2014) and surreal novelette, Til Death do us Boneapart (Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, 2017). Leilanie is also Editor in Chief of Bindweed Magazine, a poetry and fiction online magazine that also publishes a quarterly print anthology. She currently lives in Belfast with her writer and poet husband, Joseph Robert and their lively literary tot, a voracious reader of educational books. Literary blog: Meandi Books: Bindweed Magazine:

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  1. David Andrew says:

    Came across your blog while trying to track down site for Mistress Quickly (which still not found…) I’m adding selected blogs to our new poetry directory : If you would like to be included could you send some words of introduction.

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