Ahead of my forthcoming flash fiction piece, The art of something out of nothing, to be published next month, the editor of Pure Slush has posted my author profile on the website. I also completed a questionnaire, which all the writers who contribute to Pure Slush provide, giving a little insight into who they are.

Turquoise... The colour of my soul

Turquoise… The colour of my soul

The questionnaire asks about the writer’s favourite colour and why. What does a person’s favourite colour say about them? My favourite colour has been turquoise since my pre-teens. But only recently did I discover that it has an alter-ego in the form of teal, or aquamarine. If I like turquoise, but worry that it might seem too showy, and downgrade to teal, only to fret that teal is a bit frumpy, finally settling on aquamarine before pondering whether this might suggest I like the notion of chemically polluted water, what does this say about my personality? Probably that I’m neurotic. Psycho-analysts, have your pens at the ready…more so when my actual story appears in the May issue of Pure Slush!

About Leilanie Stewart

Leilanie Stewart is an author and poet from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her writing centres around protagonists who are on a journey of self-discovery and who explore their identity by overcoming adversity. She began writing for publication while working as an English teacher in Japan, a career pathway that has influenced themes in her writing. Her former career as an Archaeologist has also inspired her writing and she has incorporated elements of archaeology and mythology into both her fiction and poetry. In addition to promoting her own work, Leilanie runs Bindweed Magazine, a creative writing ezine, with her writer husband, Joseph Robert. Aside from literary pursuits, Leilanie enjoys spending time with her husband and their lively literary tot, a voracious reader of construction vehicle books. CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: https://mailchi.mp/17e6ca162ff3/leilanie-stewart-author

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