Today is International Men’s Day. To celebrate, I’m sharing with you 3 poems by the wonderful man in my life: my poet-writer-editor-hubby Joseph Robert. These poems were previously published in 13 Myna Birds Magazine in July this year.



You Know I Never Like To . . .

Joseph Robert © 2016


But complaining about complaining is complaining

And I hate to complain but this constant complaining

Really drains my energy and frustrates me

When you complain about everyone’s complaints against you

So, cut to the chase and other stopgap sayings

Do it already, blame a third party

For what we’re singly and collectively liable for

And then we can discuss with great dignity

The finer points of the generic interior design

Or landscape or architecture, depending on where we are

It doesn’t really matter too much as long as we can act

Like we can actually stand each other

We can’t complain

Jeweled / Cut & Clarity

Joseph Robert © 2016


Diamond Truths, Ruby Rants, Sapphire Songs, Emerald Fables

Amethyst Ejaculations, Cubic Zirconium Quotations

Gemstone Words, but missing a gold ring of meaning

To perch upon for their display and setting

They’re loose stones, precious or semi-precious, they’re loose

A palm full of star twinkle

Relevant only if we really force it

If we cast our own rings

With our daydreams overtaking our nights

Overhanging our days

A collection of set pieces

For when there’s energy to spare to do more

Than grin and bear it

In silence

Picking at the walls

Of the coalmine’s dark galleries

On The Casting Couch

Joseph Robert © 2016


Wealthy enough to inspire aspiration

But hard-working enough to be broken in enough

To mis-project myself into bed with you

Sure thing, that body’s sexy enough in this light

But you knew

You’re a character I could enjoy watching suffer

Sincerely concocted tribulations

When you meet your avatar

Of pampered, scented skin

And flatteringly cut cloth

Making dramatic facial expressions at us

With words that aren’t yours or mine

Unbelievable, but

I want to fall into those eyes

And die there 

At least two or three times 

About Leilanie Stewart

Leilanie Stewart is a novelist and poet. Her debut novel, Gods of Avalon Road was published by Blossom Spring Publishing in October 2019. Leilanie has also published three poetry collections: The Redundancy of Tautology (Cyberwit, 2021); Chemotherapy for the Soul (Fowlpox Press, 2017); A Model Archaeologist (Eyewear Publishing, 2015) and two self-published pamphlets: Toebirds and Woodlice (Meandi Books, 2012); Metamorphosis of Woman (Meandi Books, 2012), satirical novella Zombie Reflux (Meandi Books, 2014) and surreal novelette, Til Death do us Boneapart (Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, 2017). Leilanie is also Editor in Chief of Bindweed Magazine, a poetry and fiction online magazine that also publishes a quarterly print anthology. She currently lives in Belfast with her writer and poet husband, Joseph Robert and their rambunctious toddler, a voracious reader of dinosaur board books. Literary blog: Meandi Books: Bindweed Magazine:

16 responses »

  1. Rich Murphy says:

    Thanks for the poems, Leilanie.

  2. Spiros Z. says:

    ..thanks Leilanie.>I enjoyed the poems..I wish you and Joseph
    much luck and enjoyment in your poetic endeavors..will revisit.>spiros

  3. Powerful stuff Leilanie. good work . Please i would like to feature you in some of my email is talk more.

  4. Dan Nippert says:

    Leilanie… I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog sites I wish you the best…

    Dan PS keep writing

  5. Lisa Snell says:

    His voice is very unique- I haven’t heard anyone else like him.

  6. Ram Krishna Singh says:

    Thanks Leilanie for sharing your poems.
    –R K Singh

  7. M. Majid says:

    Very nice poems…

  8. Shari Jo Lekane-Yentumi says:

    Wonderful poems, Leilanie Stewart! Thank you for sharing! And Happy Thanksgiving! Shari ;-0

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