The Libertarian’s Prison

Joseph Robert © 2017
Brietbart Bots Barf Consensus: Change the Conversation:

Shocker: Silent Majority Revealed as an Oppressed Minority:

RE: The Trotskyist Trots: No, Not Here!: Not On My Watch:

Righteous Victimhood Beckons:

Click Here: The Sick Here: The Sick Hear:

Dirty Immigrant Takes Doctor’s Dime:

Robert Mercer’s Mercenary Machines: Lock Her Up!:

Putting Putin in Pride of Place: Get Behind our President:

Vladimir Hoovers up FBI Attention: Crimea No Big Deal:

Smokescreen: Now Syria’s The Place: Pity the Right, Folks:

Cambridge Analytica are Good Guys: Libya Was an Evil Error:

Blackwater Was Cool Though, Says XE: Academi Agrees:

Obama Was Yesterday’s News: He Plots in the Bushes:

A Bird in Hand, But Not The Oval Office:

Breakthrough in Chakra Massage: Place Palm on Face:

Discount Palm Oil Now Available Direct: Belly Fat:

Six Simple Tricks:  Myth Exposed: Do You Need to Know?: 

Palm Oil Does Not Cause Cancer: Unilever IS Marmite:

GBP Takes Pounding in Exchange: Just Say No to Climate Change:

Recognize These 7 Signs of Depression: Place Palm on Face:

##Did You Mean The Meme Featuring Captain Jean Luc Piccard?##

Showing Results for: False Objectivity: Bogus Experts:

Discount Star Trek Blu-Rays: Regime Change: John Major Bummer:

Smile, Sunshine: Blowjob My Johnson: Pornhub This Way:

Kitten Chases String: Toddler Knocks Over Rubbish, Then Weeps:

Heroic Cancer Survivor Dies of Cancer: Driverless Cars Safe:

Place Palm on Face: The British Nationalist Party Has a Point:

And Your Friends Agree: ‘Death to All Jews’ is a Joke:

Absolutely Free and With No Obligation: France for the French:

Filthy Refugees Turn Calais into a Pig(Le)Pen:

Face the New Reality: Billionaire Libertarians Turn Donor:

Nudging a Kluge: with their Loot to Suit:

The Boot on Your Face: Buy New Printing of Orwell’s 1984 Here:

Erring Red Herring Arron Fraser Andrew Banks Banks On It:

And So Should You: These Celebs Do Too: Sign the Petition!:

Educated Individuals: Educated to Know Better: Know-Nothings

They Shoot Elephants: Poacher Horror: Murder: Ban Circuses:

Needs Must, When Terror Drives: Royals Outraged: She Purrs:

The Inner City, In Our Suburbs!: They Hate Us:

A Holy War: Start a Career, In The Air Force, Click Here:

How to Make Ends Meet: Work at Home: £395.99 a Week:

Meet Women in Your Area: Gay Sex Officially a Thing:

Ethnicity, is it OK?: Tell It Like It Is: (Wink, Wink):

Argue With Me: I am and am Not Artificial Intelligence:

An Astounding Simulacrum: Br’er Rabbit’s Tar-Baby:

Br’er Fox Can Now Reveal to Fox News a CNN Scoop:

Exclusive: Breaking: You Need To Know This Now: Wiki-Leaks:

Livefeed Now On Darkweb: Pirate Phisher Glad: Legally Cleared:

The Latest: Uncle Remus Implicated: Uncle Tom to Name Names:

The Clinton Cash Scandal: Do NOT Forget to Cite Godwin’s Law:

Economic Nationalism Is Not National Socialism:

The Ole Stars and Bars Flies: White Supremacist to Speak:

The Fascism of No-Platforming: Rot In Our Universities:

Whistleblower Demands Criminalizing Confidential Sources:

Verbal Diarrhea: With a Difference: Exploded, Eviscerated:

Guaranteed to 140 Twitter Characters: It’s OK: You Can Laugh:

Muslim Ban Does Not Discriminate on Religious Grounds:

Not a Genuine Human-Being: Anger Does NOT Make You Weak:

This Real Secret All Millionaires Know Revealed:

Confusion Breeds Suggestible Certainty:

Optimism is The Same Thing as Inchoate Rage:

Feel bad for the Species that idolizes its predators,

And, someone, please,

Liberate me from this Libertarian Liberation,


They hate our Government’s meddling with the Money,

It itself creates, They want us to be free to do as they say,

So, Liberate me from Common as Muck, Big Shot Libertarians

Those losers and above all sore winners, the whiners,

Go Forage for Favours With Farage, Nigel

Ya Corbynista Slagging Chameleon,

Get Over It! You Won! However, nevertheless, if I may say

Let us be at Liberty to Leave and become Libertarians

And Their Chimera: Not to Be Used: Error:

Exceeds App Appropriate Reading Level: Tag ‘Elitist’:

Tag ‘Pathetic Libtard’, ‘Snowflake’, ‘Comic Anger’:

5th Columnist Right-Wing Nutjob Conspiracy Theorist:

Soros’ Professional Protester: Trumpkin’s Hooded Thug:

Take Your Meds, Kid: Then Piss Off, if You Don’t Like it!

Run Subscript 15449454697: Publish to Timeline: Put It to Bed:

(Also, ‘inchoate’, WTF?!?)

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The Enemy of The People

The Lil’ People Commentariat

Android Android Androids

Those Supreme Court Judges

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I am no one talking to nobody about nothing, for you to read.

Rinse and repeat; keep it squeaky clean

About Leilanie Stewart

Leilanie Stewart is an author and poet from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has written four novels, including award-winning ghost horror, The Blue Man, as well as three poetry collections. Her writing confronts the nature of self; her novels feature main characters on a dark psychological journey who have a crisis of identity and create a new sense of being. She began writing for publication while working as an English teacher in Japan, a career pathway that has influenced themes in her writing. Her former career as an Archaeologist has also inspired her writing and she has incorporated elements of archaeology and mythology into both her fiction and poetry. In addition to promoting her own work, Leilanie runs Bindweed Magazine, a creative writing literary journal with her writer husband, Joseph Robert. Aside from publishing pursuits, Leilanie enjoys spending time with her husband and their lively literary lad, a voracious reader of sea monster books. CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA:

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