For a newly published novelist, there’s no greater feeling than the excitement that comes of seeing your debut novel stocked in a bookstore. It was an amazing moment to see Gods of Avalon Road among the new Sci-fi and horror releases in Waterstones – my book among such great titles in the UK’s biggest bookstore chain.


When I was twenty, I was in the midst of writing a children’s fantasy adventure story. One day after a university lecture I went into the Belfast branch of Waterstones with the aim of buying books similar to my story, both to hone my skills as a writer and to get an idea of fantasy publishers out there. Although I moved on to other writing projects and archived that particular story, the feeling of seeing my work in a bookstore never left me and became one of my ultimate goals. To go back into that same store nearly two decades later and see my book in the section where I had been browsing for inspiration, back when I was an aspiring writer, is truly a dream come true.

About Leilanie Stewart

Leilanie Stewart is a novelist and poet. Her debut novel, Gods of Avalon Road was published by Blossom Spring Publishing in October 2019 and her second novel, The Buddha's Bone is forthcoming in October 2021. Leilanie has also published three poetry collections: The Redundancy of Tautology (Cyberwit, 2021); Chemotherapy for the Soul (Fowlpox Press, 2017); A Model Archaeologist (Eyewear Publishing, 2015) and two self-published pamphlets: Toebirds and Woodlice (Meandi Books, 2012); Metamorphosis of Woman (Meandi Books, 2012), satirical novella Zombie Reflux (Meandi Books, 2014) and surreal novelette, Til Death do us Boneapart (Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, 2017). Leilanie is also Editor in Chief of Bindweed Magazine, a poetry and fiction online magazine that also publishes a quarterly print anthology. She currently lives in Belfast with her writer and poet husband, Joseph Robert and their lively literary tot, a voracious reader of educational books. Literary blog: Meandi Books: Bindweed Magazine:

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